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4 Exercises to Help You Heal Emotionally

4 Exercises to Help You Heal Emotionally

Do you need help healing from a particular issue? Here are several emotional healing exercises to help you begin your journey to wholeness.

ACCEPTANCE CHANT: This one seems obvious, but a lack of acceptance about a pressing issue will always stunt healing. Acceptance usually feels very final, which is why we like to prolong this stage. Try chanting aloud “I accept ________” followed by the thing you need to be healed from.

WRITE A LETTER & BURN IT: This is an easy one. Write down your fears, doubts and any emotional trauma you may have experienced. This is your chance to be honest about the issues you’ve faced, along with what bad habits you want to eliminate. Be specific when you write it down. Afterwards, in a safe space, watch the letter burn.

DANCING SAGE: The dancing sage technique requires a tied bushel of sage and a free spirit. Simply light the bushel and wave the sage around as you literally dance off the stress. Sage naturally purifies the air, both emotionally and physically.

BREATHE IN LAVENDER: Lavender is a naturally healing herb that works well when it’s place on your nightstand. Lavender has the ability to enhance your feelings of peace just before bed and when you wake up. Consider using live lavender or using a lavender oil burner. Intentionally smell the lavender before bed and first thing in the morning.

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