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7 Practical Ways to Stay Positive

7 Practical Ways to Stay Positive

There's a lot of talk out there about the power of positivity, and for good reason. Positive thinking scientifically increases your likelihood of success.

We understand that staying joyful requires a little extra effort, so we’ve pulled together some practical tips for keeping your mental energy in check.

1. Adopt a Mantra for Meditation

A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that’s repeated during prayer or meditation. It can be anything from the standard "Om" to something more personal and descriptive, like “I am healthy and whole.” Mantras can change depending on your needs for the day or week. We suggest thinking about what you want to focus on during your quiet time. Adding in a daily or weekly mantra helps you actively change your mood or circumstance, with the power of your words. Here’s one we love: “I release control and invite love, awareness, and adventure into my life.”

2. Reduce Overwhelm with Organization

We get that it can be hard to stay positive when you’re incredibly overwhelmed. Your calendar is full and your tasks are neverending, but there’s a simple antidote to overwhelm: Try to stay organized. Many can attest to the fact that it’s not necessarily the amount of work that’s keeping you on edge, but the fact that you don’t know where or how to start. Utilize lists, and try to spend a little extra time planning how you’ll execute. Having a plan will help you feel prepared and strong. Figure out your top 3-5 priorities for the day, and stick to completing those before you move on to anything else!

3. Remain Grateful

Life is full of ups and downs, right? Sometimes it can feel like everything is attempting to steal your smile, but consider practicing gratitude as a response to life’s difficulties. If you happen to get a flat tire, respond with the thought, “I am grateful that I have the means to fix my tire.” By replacing negative thoughts with grateful ones, you’ll allow yourself to see the bright side instead of the problem.

4. Indulge in Beautiful Imagery

Do you surround yourself with beautiful things? Whether it’s a painting, interesting fabrics, or your favorite artistic Instagram account, keeping visually stimulating things around helps enhance your outlook. These things remind us of the beauty that exists around us, and we feel positively recharged.

5. Spend Time in Nature

The power of nature is undeniable, which is why we're so in love with hemp. But there's also a lot of evidence to support the fact that spending time out in nature literally can elevate your mood. Some wild facts about spending time in nature: Exercising outdoors can be more effective than indoor exercise, and hospital patients who are given time out in nature experience faster recoveries than those who keep indoors. Nature is truly good for us, so the more of it we can get, the better.


6. Create Something

Nothing makes you feel happier than creating something you love. Feelings of stagnancy can be remedied by writing that book of short stories, making those beauty products you love, or diving into a passion project. Having a creative outlet makes you feel like you’re contributing to the world and leaving behind a meaningful legacy.

7. Add a little hempathy

We're not about to claim that hempseed oil will take the blues away, but we will certainly declare that the hempathy collection of skincare products is designed not only to brighten your complexion but your mood as well.

Some of the natural botanicals in our product formulations, like lemongrass, are also powerful ingredients in aromatherapy. So while you're boosting the health of your skin, you're giving your mood a boost, too.

Self-care can make all the difference in feeling great and staying positive, and we hope that hempathy inspires you to build a little "you time" into your life.

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