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A 10-Minute Self-Care Regimen

A 10-Minute Self-Care Regimen

Self-care is self-love, and we know that between responsibilities and busy schedules, taking a few moments for YOU can seem impossible. Here’s a 10-minute self-care regimen anyone can manage.

FIND A QUIET SPACE: This could be your car, a corner, space outside of your home, or even an open closet. Simply retreat somewhere where you’ll be away from loud noises and too many distractions.

SELF-MASSAGE: Touching or massaging your ears helps trigger the release of brain endorphins (those things that make us feel good). Use a little hempathy revitalizing body lotion behind the ear to massage along the top down to the nape of your neck. This type of self-soothing takes less than a minute.

LISTEN TO YOURSELF: Meditation also includes listening to yourself. Often, we spend most of our time setting intentions and affirmations but consider sitting in stillness for five minutes. Allow yourself to be open to whatever feelings come up. This practice allows you to acknowledge your issues without judgment.

INTENTIONAL BREATHING: Taking deep, purposeful breaths lowers anxiety and allows you to be present. For one minute, close your eyes and slowly breathe in through your nose and push the air out of your mouth.

Take some time today to try our 10-minute self-care regimen.

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