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Easy Indoor Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Apartment

Easy Indoor Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Apartment

Bedroom looking a little lackluster? COVID cabin fever has us all re-examining our living situations a little more closely. Why not try a little greenery and bring a hint of the outdoors indoors? 

The arguments in favor of houseplants are endless. The best indoor plants purify the air, brighten up your mood while reducing stress, and prove to friends and family that you’re MORE than capable of taking care of a living organism that’s separate from your body, thank-you-very-much. 

We know, we know - those fickle fiddle leaf fig trees and high maintenance orchids are intimidating, but not every house plant requires a green thumb and extensive gardening experience! What you need are plants for beginners, blooms that are a bit more forgiving for those who sport black thumbs. These hardy indoor beauties can survive and thrive, even if you miss a week (or two) of watering - or if you’re a helicopter plant mom who regularly overwaters! 

The first step is to evaluate the light, temperature, and other key characteristics of your home, as well as your overall lifestyle and habits. If you lack natural light or only have a few windows, try going with low-light lovers such as Pothos or Dracaena. Have you been experiencing TOO much direct sunlight (if there is such a thing)?  Then you should opt for sun-loving plants like Jade or Yucca. Chinese Evergreens and Peace Lilies Peace can handle your overzealous watering-can hands, while ZZ Plants and Philodendrons are good for the jet-setter who sometimes forgets that they even have plants.

Here’s a quick list for you to reference the next time you swing by the nursery:


A lush vine with the ability to withstand nearly pitch-black conditions as well as under- and over-watering. 

Jade Plant

Jade retains water in its deep green and rounded leaves, so it can sometimes survive more than a month without any attention whatsoever. 


This plant loves 70 degree temperatures - but make sure to keep it away from cold drafts. To water, slowly fill the center “cup” (bloom area) until the water overflows into the cupped leaves that branch out from underneath. 

Ponytail Palm

Put this spiky beauty in a sunny window and watch it flourish!  Be extra careful to never over-water this Mexican native species - they prefer things on the dryer. 


How can you make your yucca plant happy? Sun, sun, and more sun. Plant these in pots that are deep enough to balance top-heavy woody stems, and make sure to water sparingly. 

Chinese Money Plant

These grow best in a shady spot (or your winter windowsill) and prefer weekly watering. 

Peace Lily

If you're prone to overwatering, try these beautiful blooms - they can take it! With enough light, Peace Lilies can also produce flowers throughout the whole year. 

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