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Hempathy Ritual: A Lunch-Time Tune-Up

Hempathy Ritual: A Lunch-Time Tune-Up

That mid-day hump… that feeling when you’ve been working all morning and going hard on emails and flying through your To-Do list and start to hit a mental wall by late afternoon. It’s all good, you just probably need a little break to get grounded and find some inspiration and energy to power through the rest of the day. Taking a little moment for self-care mid-way through your day will ensure you can put your best self forward for what’s to come, rather than slowly fizzling out as the day goes on.

Here are a few ideas for a hempathy Lunch-Time Tune-Up.

Eat for Energy:

What we choose for lunch can make a big impact on our energy levels. It may be tempting to indulge as a reward for your hard morning, but eating a healthy lunch will provide fuel and energy instead of making you want a nap afterwards. The more fruits & veggies, greens & lean proteins you choose as opposed to heavy carbs, fried foods or greasy favorites, the more you’ll be feeding your body to keep going rather than rest afterwards.


Sitting at our computers all day is definitely making our bodies in lethargic mode. Sometimes you’ve just got to get the blood pumping to feel full of life again. Just taking a few minutes to stand up and do some simple stretches can give you a boost. Don’t overthink it - do what feels good and keep it simple. Reach your arms over your head and pull each wrist to stretch each side of your body. Bend over and touch your toes a few times. Let your arms and head and neck hang for a few seconds each time, wiggling any stiffness out. Place your feet wide and stretch to each side… whatever gets those muscles and joints moving and working again - you’ll know what you need.

Take Note of Your Body:

What are your daily pains? Do you wrists hurt from typing all day? Do your neck and shoulders hold tension? Does your lower back hurt from sitting? Are your knees stiff from staying in one position? Take note of any aches, pains or dry skin, and rub a little hempathy Rejuvenating Body Lotion on these spots to soothe your skin. 

Set an Intention:

Sometimes the simple act of mentally stepping out of work and setting your intention for the rest of the day can give a little boost of inspiration. Take a moment to take a few deeps breaths, try to let go of the stress of the morning, give yourself a pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished so far (or even just that you showed up and are grateful for this day), and set the intention to be productive and focused for the next few hours. Maybe light a candle when you begin and blow it out when you’re done, just to create a clear beginning and end to the moment. These may seem like little things, but creating a little mid-day ritual can be just what you need to pop out of stressed mode and back into productive mode. That little touch of self-care can remind you to take care of yourself amidst your busy day, and that feels fantastic, even if for a moment. #hempathyliving

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