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Hempathy's Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Hempathy's Tips to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation: we’ve all heard the word thrown around in wellness circles, but what does it mean?

Inflammation is a defense mechanism in your body. If your immune system recognizes damage, it begins a natural healing process. For us, this can mean sore muscles after a workout, or ongoing pain from a problem area within our body. It can show up as anything from pain and swelling, to fatigue and joint pain.

The good news is inflammation means your body is at work to heal itself. So how can we help our bodies with this natural cycle to self-protect?

Here are four ways you can reduce inflammation in your everyday routine.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

We all know that eating healthy is essential, but some foods are known to specifically combat inflammation in the body. Leafy green vegetables, fruits like blueberries and oranges, nuts like walnuts and almonds, and fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are among the top anti-inflammatory picks.


Turmeric’s primary compound, curcumin, is said to be even more potent than aspirin and ibuprofen at fighting inflammation. (Wow!) Try adding some turmeric to a blend of hot water, lemon and honey for an immunity-boosting shot to start your morning.

Hemp Seed Oil

One of the many health benefits of hemp seed oil extracts is to reduce inflammation and pain. Try massaging our hempathy revitalizing lotion on sore muscles or areas of aches and pain in the body. The hemp seed oil, plus our other natural anti-oxidant ingredients will get to work aiding your immune system to self-heal.


We can never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Adequate sleep is essential for the body to function at its best and the immune system to do its work.

Try easing into bedtime by dimming the lights, playing some calming music, and leaving your phone in another room to charge. Creating a ritual to transition from the stress of the day into a peaceful night can make all the difference for a restful sleep.

Although inflammation is a natural cycle for your body to respond, luckily some attention to self-care and these foods, spices, extracts, and habits can help boost your body’s capacity to self-heal. 

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