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How To: Create A Healing Herb & Flower Bath

How To: Create A Healing Herb & Flower Bath

What could be better than a warm bath filled with beautiful flowers and herbs? We are definitely adding this little luxurious ritual to our self-care regimen. We’ve all seen photos of flower and herb baths popping up all over our Instagram, so we’ve decided to do a little research and try it out for ourselves.

Here are some tips we’ve found for creating a relaxing and healing bath ritual at home.

How it Works: A warm bath steeped with dried or fresh flora can be healing from the aromas, or actually have a medicinal effect. So you’re either inhaling the delicious smells, or the healing properties absorb into your skin through osmosis. 

How to Create Your Herb Bath: You can either throw all the flowers and herbs right into your bath tub for an Instagram-style dream, or you can either steep all of the herbs in a tea pot ahead of time and then simply add to your bathwater, or use a cheesecloth to make an in-bath tea-bomb. One’s obviously a pretty picture, and the visuals will make you feel extra special. The other makes for a much easier clean up. Your call.

What Herbs/Flowers to Use: You can Google dozens of suggestions, and we found a good list of herbs here on the Prevention Magazine website. Some favorites that we want to try are Calendula for soothing skin (since it’s one of our key ingredients in hempathy), Lavender or Chamomile for relaxation, Rose Petals for general indulgence. Some good herbs to try are Rosemary & Sage for both healing and Fall vibes, Basil for an invigorating feel or Eucalyptus for clearing congestion.

Add Some Extra Healing: Why not give yourself a little extra dose of healing by adding Epsom Salt for sore muscles, Olive Oil to treat stretch marks or any essential oils that are safe for skin. Of course, lather on some hempathy body lotion afterward to lock in moisture and go to work on any lingering aches or pains. Rub a little on your chest before bedtime and you’ll be out like a light and feeling like a dream. #HempathyHealing

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