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Know Your Ingredients: The Healing Benefits of Ylang-Ylang

Know Your Ingredients: The Healing Benefits of Ylang-Ylang

The ingredient ylang-ylang (pronounced ee-long ee-long) is an essential oil extracted by steam distillation of fresh flowers of the ylang-ylang tree, which is commonly found in the rainforests of certain Asian and South Pacific Islands.

It is often used in aromatherapy for its delicate fragrance, but as an ingredient in healing products, it also has many medicinal benefits as well.

Here are some of the ways it can help:

Fights Inflammation

Ylang ylang is perhaps best known for combating inflammation, which makes it one of the soothing ingredients in hempathy Therapy Cream. This makes it very effective for helping with arthritis and joint pain.

Good for Mood

Ylang ylang is considered to be a mood enhancer because it drives away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. Studies reveal that ylang-ylang oil helps sedate and calm nerves, stress and anxiety while inducing a relaxing feeling. It also has an uplifting effect on the mood and induces feelings of joy and hope.

Soothing for Skin

Ylang-ylang may be beneficial in curing skin diseases like eczema. It also helps reduce acne, dermatitis, and skin irritation by regularizing sebum production and treating the infection itself.


Ylang-ylang on its own can help heal wounds and speed up recovery by inhibiting microbial growth and disinfecting the area.

PMS Remedy

Because of its ability to increase blood flow, ease muscle tension and stress, ylang-ylang is known as a remedy for symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramping. With all of these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder ylang-ylang is one of the star ingredients that make hempathy Therapy Cream work so well!

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