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Maskne-Busting Skincare Routine

Maskne-Busting Skincare Routine

"Maskne": a new and very prevalent skincare annoyance has become the norm. This refers to breakouts, rashes, and irritations that result after wearing a mask over your face for an extended period of time.  Maskne can show up in the form of eczema, a rash or irritation from the mask rubbing on the face, but most commonly is used to refer to acne breakouts. 

At the start of the pandemic, it was primarily healthcare workers experiencing mask-induced breakouts and skin irritation. Now that masks are becoming a part of everyday life for the rest of us, so has maskne. The warm weather we've all been waiting for is only making matters worse.

You’re not alone in your skincare struggles..but how do you fix these breakouts and prevent them from even happening in the first place? Not to worry! Our simple steps and skincare tips below will help clear the way to similarly clear skin!

  1. Wash your face masks and change them out after every day or wear. Treat them like you would your underwear and don’t reuse the same one every day - yuck! You definitely don’t want built up bacteria and oil rubbing against your face all day. 

  2. If the area under your mask is very itchy, you likely have eczema or a rash rather than acne, and should try to change the fabric or the type of mask you use because you may be irritated or allergic to the fabric. Try a gentle, unscented detergent and look for materials such as silk. Silk masks tend to be beneficial for maskne, as the silk material absorbs less moisture than cotton so it will not dry out your skin as much. Silk sheets and pillowcases are popular due to their amazing benefits regarding sensitive skin, and the same concept applies to your face masks!

  3. Cleanse your face with a gentle wash twice a day — morning and night — to keep the acne at bay. 

  4. If your skin is not yet irritated or has calmed down, try using our Exfoliating Scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells (which can block up pores and cause breakouts).  Exfoliation will stop pores from becoming clogged and can help remove clogs that have already formed. 

  5. Don’t wear makeup under the masked area of your face, especially avoiding heavy foundations, primers, and powders. If possible, don’t wear any kind of makeup at all and stick with a non comedogenic SPF for protection only. Allowing your skin to breathe under the mask is crucial for avoiding breakouts! 

  6. Soothe dry or chapped skin with our Facial Oil, which is perfect to apply at night after cleansing, and will help restore moisture and balance to your skin. The face oil also hydrates without clogging your pores and brightens your skin so it will help with dark marks left from pimples. The Oil is vegan and, like all hempathy products, is also cruelty-free! 

  7. To decrease friction and prevent dryness under your eyes, apply a small dab of Refreshing Eye Cream with your ring finger and include the area that typically is covered by the top edge of your mask. A little protection will help keep the area calm!

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