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Why It’s Important To Let Your Skin Breathe

Why It’s Important To Let Your Skin Breathe

In moments of stress, when you’re feeling overwhelmed and thoughts are running through your brain at a mile a minute, there’s one piece of advice you can always go back to: just breatheSometimes a single moment of calm is all your mind or body needs to reset and rebalance, and it turns out the same is true for your skin.

Your skin, in case you didn’t know, is actually the largest organ in your body. It’s job is to protect you and to stand up to whatever situation you find yourself in, and sometimes, as we’re sure you can understand, it just needs a break! Thankfully, now that many of us are spending much more time indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your skin some extra love.

Here are a few ways to let your skin (and yourself!) breathe so you can emerge on the other side rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever the universe throws your way.

Go foundation free

First and foremost, forget the foundation! Now is the perfect time to let your natural skin shine through instead of wearing a full-coverage makeup look. Foundations and tinted moisturizers, regardless of how you prep your skin, can sink into your pores over time and make them more noticeable. Especially if you’re not properly removing it at night, a buildup of makeup particles in addition to oil, dead skin, and general airborne pollution can accumulate. And while pores are physically unable to open and close, they can stretch out and become more apparent when clogged. Give your pores a rest and give yourself a chance at smoother skin by skipping base makeup altogether.

If you find your calendar is filling up with video calls with co-workers and clients, and you still want to look presentable, choose a minimal beauty look instead. Dabbing on some Refreshing Eye Cream, topped with a bit of concealer to brighten up the under eyes will go a long way. That’s thanks to the brightening vitamin C and rejuvenating retinol in the formula. A simple step like curling lashes and maybe adding a coat of mascara can make your eyes look wide awake, and a subtle tinted lip balm will keep your lips hydrated while adding a healthy flush of color. This way, even if you did just roll out of bed, you won’t look like it.

Step up your daily skincare routine

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to work or take classes from home, you’ve probably noticed that without your daily commute, you have an extra hour or more each day to do whatever you please! Use this time to create an extra self-care moment. While you’re showing your skin some extra love, remember it’s okay to put yourself first, even if it’s for 15 minutes.

Feeling puffy? Apply a nourishing oil like our Rejuvenating Face Oil and give yourself a gentle lymphatic massage. Start by applying the oil all over a cleansed face. With your hand in a fist, place your knuckles on your face, starting at the jawline, and gently massage in a circular, upwards motion. Not only will this massage increase blood flow and help drain fluid buildup, it allows ingredients like nourishing hemp seed oil, hydrating jojoba and omega-3 fatty acids to sink even deeper into your skin.

Shed your winter layers

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to shed the inevitable buildup of dry winter skin and finally let your fresh skin shine.

Our Exfoliating Scrub is a great place to start, as its super-fine amber granules help to slough off dead cells, allowing new layers to breathe. Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine, but did you know that your skin sheds on its own throughout the day? We actually lose anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells daily! Take that as another reason to go makeup-free while you’re indoors, so you can let your skin do its work. Exfoliation not only speeds up the turnover of your skin cells, but it also helps other skincare products to absorb more efficiently.

The ultra-fine amber grains in our Exfoliating Scrub work to unglue the skin, oil, and dirt that may have built upon the surface, clearing the way for nourishing, hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin where they matter most. Feeling tired, overwhelmed, or like you need a moment to yourself? Remember to just breathe.

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