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We mean it.  Hemp has the power to save the world if we enable it and integrate this magical plant into our everyday routines. Hemp is an incredibly powerful force for good and it can even save your skin (and a friends).  

Our deep industry experience over the past six years has enabled us to build high-quality and affordable hemp-based skincare that uses 100% organically grown USA hemp. 
Every hempathy skincare product is luxuriously formulated with quality natural ingredients to ensure we deliver real skincare results to our customers. Our products are infused with a minimum of 5% hemp seed oil that is rich in fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, high in Vitamin B, C, & E, and contains key amino acids that can help with hydration levels, anti-aging and fighting off free-radicals. 
This miracle plant starts with the farmers who grow it, who are elevated because of the impact made by the people who use it. Every. Single. Day.  

It's easy to pay your bills and enjoy the best hemp-infused skincare available. 

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